One way of Telling the World that We Care is to Write our Thoughts, Someone out There Has Got to Listen. – Arielle

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Short info about me

Hi. Finally, you got to find me. I’m happy you’re here. Arielle Rhinebeck’s the name and I am currently handling 16 children at a daycare center in Smithfield, Maine. I love kids and so I love preparing myself and my life, that is, to have one pretty soon.

I think that becoming a mother is the most precious gift any woman could get in her entire being. Raising another life is like correcting your own. You will just want the best for your kids, just like our parents have always wanted to give the best for us too when we were younger.

I’m very opinionated (don’t get annoyed please), but I’d also love to give facts including the personal experiences I encounter everyday. I think every woman should know how to maneuver everything about home, and a voice to help the economy. We don’t wanna be served with less quality. So buckle up ladies!