Giving Your Windows a Vintage Look

Trying to find a way to bring a vintage, old-school look into your home?

There are looks that are quite timeless. There is something that’s also quite magical about adding a sense of history to your home. However, if you’re not sure where to start, trying to craft a vintage look can be quite difficult.

Getting The Best Vintage Window Treatments For Your Home or Office

Giving Your Windows a Vintage Look

There are better places to start than trying to hop on the vintage furniture game, which can be quite expensive.

To begin, we recommend finding cheap custom window blinds.

Whether you like soft, delicate lace panels, or solid, interior shutters, there are hundreds of considerable options to go through when adding vintage style to your home. Plus, a quality set of window treatments aids you in blocking out the unwanted sun during the summer months, as well as unwanted drafts during the winter months, which increases your home’s overall energy efficiency.

If you’re looking to tie your home together, putting some good thought into your window treatments is helpful. If you get the wrong window treatments, however, you can easily create a scattered or off-putting environment.

Looking to add that vintage pop to your home?

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Interior Shutters

Shutters are a great choice for designers seeking out a vintage look. These window treatments have been around for thousands of years. Just look at the people of ancient Greece, many of whom used shutters at home to provide privacy, keep out sunlight, and protect interior goods.

Shutters are huge in warmer regions too. Old-style shutters were large wooden pieces with a rod in the center, which could open and close the slats. People often refer to these window coverings as “plantation shutters.” Though they aren’t anything new, we are now starting to see them pop up in modern home builds.

Don’t want to fork over tons of cash for real wood shutters?

Then we highly recommend faux wood. Faux wood is incredibly similar, much easier to clean, and far more durable.


With an elegant set of curtains, you’re on a good path. Similar to shutters, curtains have been covering windows for thousands of years.

People often use curtains to retain temperature on the interior. Historians agree that curtains found in American homes utilized plain fabrics. However, once Americans heard about unique European styles, they began adding embellishments to their fabrics.

Seeking out an ornate look?

You’ll likely have to spend a bit of money. To obtain a real, vintage look, we highly recommend a few different fabrics, including rayon, velvet, silk, chintz, or lace.

If you’re looking to stay true to the vintage style, consider these two window treatment options, as we can’t recommend anything better.

Of course, to find the best style for your space, it is crucial that do your research. Make sure to head on over to Affordable Blinds to check out their wide range of window treatment options