Home Organization Tips to Save You Time and Relieve Stress

Are you terribly disorganized and really want to get it together? If so, I totally feel your pain. Being disorganized can wreak havoc on your personal life and cause you a tremendous amount of stress.

However, if you’ve never actually been organized in the past, you might be confused about how to go about it. Well, in this article, I will provide you with tips on getting organized so that you can avoid stress and frustration.

Let’s begin.

1. A Place For Everything, and Everything In Its Place

This is the number one motto for professional organizers everywhere. Taking this simple rule to heart can make a world of difference in how you think about your home and the stuff in it. Pick one room at a time, and just look at the stuff in it. If there’s something you can throw away or get rid of, do it. If there’s something there that doesn’t belong, put it where it should go. Should any items come up that you can’t pace (these happen!), find a basket or box to keep them in, and take it with you as you move throughout the house.

If you use an object in multiple places for multiple tasks (scissors in the kitchen and in the sewing room), get one for each room. Once the process is done in all of the rooms, you should have figured out a place for (nearly) everything.

2. …And Keep It That Way

Building on the first tip, if you take an object out of its place for use, remember to return it to its place when you are done. “Don’t put it down, put it away.” This might take some adjusting, but once you start doing it enough, it will become second nature. The reason things get disorganized is because they get moved from where they should be; putting them away keeps them from getting disorganized. That way, you don’t have to run around, trying to remember where you last put something.

3. Laundry List

Most home organization articles and experts suggest starting with the kitchen. But a quick scope of your living space will reveal that much of the clutter is laundry-related, and the first step to getting that out of the way is getting it done. It’s hard to do laundry if your laundry room is an inaccessible mess, however.

Take a moment to clean it out, as well as any shelving. Toss old detergent bottles and empty boxes of dryer sheets. Sweep the floor by the machines. When everything’s all done, toss in a load of laundry that’s been sitting around, waiting its turn.

Having a clean laundry area means that everyone is more likely to do the laundry, which means no more waiting until the last possible minute; no more entire days devoted to the laundry. Take a few minutes every week to make sure that the laundry room is still clean to keep things running smoothly.

4. Team Effort

If you’re living with other people-roommates, a spouse, a whole family-all of your organization will be for naught if they aren’t working with you on it. Make sure that people take responsibility for the messes they create (obviously, the very young will need some help with this), and make sure that they understand where they should put their things. There’s no reason for you to go around picking up after everyone.

5. High Visibility

Make sure that you can easily see everything you need (obviously, some things we prefer to keep out of sight!). You don’t want piles of objects in the corner, or things buried two- or three-deep on shelving units. If you need to, put up extra shelving. In places where keeping things out isn’t an option, make sure their containers are labeled clearly, so you can still see exactly where they are.

In conclusion, if you organize your home according to the above mentioned tips, you will get organized and relieve stress. Good luck!