Homemade Bath and Shower Puffs

Bath and shower puffs have been popular for years, and they’re well-liked for a number of reasons. They’re ideal for using with shower gel, and they’re much more handy than washcloths. Also, bath and shower puffs are great for exfoliating dry skin, and they’re really inexpensive. They typically cost between 50 cents and $3.00, depending how large and how fancy they are, but they’re basically disposable. They last about a month or two before they begin to loosen and fall apart. At this point they have to be recycled or thrown away.

Since bath and shower puffs are made from inexpensive netting they really are very cheap to make, and homemade bath and shower puffs are even better than the store-bought kind.

Try your hand at creating homemade bath puffs. You’ll save money, and you’ll have bath puffs that are fuller and stronger than the ones sold in stores. Better yet, you can create homemade bath puffs in colors of your choice, and you can even make rainbow colored bath puffs if desired. Save money, and do it yourself!

Necessary Supplies

To make 9 bath and shower puffs you’ll need one yard of netting in a color of your choice. A common width for netting is 54 inches, and netting of this width will allow you to cut 9 strips that are 6 inches wide and 36 inches long.

This amount of netting is more than adequate to make large fluffy bath and shower puffs, and considering that netting can be found on sale for about $2.00 a yard, this is a great bargain. You’ll also need 2 yards of soft nylon cord to finish the puffs, and a pair of sharp craft scissors.


Begin by cutting 9 six-inch strips of netting, and cut 9 twelve-inch lengths of soft nylon cord. Lay the first strip of netting on a flat surface, and begin folding it over and under in 2-inch sections until the entire strip is folded somewhat like an accordion. As you get to the end the netting will become more difficult to hold onto. Gather and hold the fabric tightly, because if you let go, you’ll have to start over!

Lastly, tie a 12-inch section of nylon cord tightly around the center of the netting. Make a double knot, and tie the two ends together so the finished puff can be hung on a hook or over the showerhead. Once the knots are tied, arrange the netting, and fluff it out to make it full and hide the center knot.

Your finished bath and shower puffs will look just as good or better than those sold in stores, and for about $4.00 you will have 9 homemade bath and shower puffs to keep or give as gifts. They’re perfect to include in a homemade shower and bath gift basket, and anyone would love to receive this thoughtful homemade gift from the heart.