How to Decorate Your Home with Canvas Artwork

Canvas artwork is a great way of adding a custom touch to your walls, while either spending a great deal or very little at all. Easy to hang, there are three different types of canvas artwork to consider for the walls of your home: artist work, photo work, or do-it-yourself.

Artist Work

Artist work is, of course, the most expensive of the three options for decorating the walls of your home. Pieces can range from that of a street artist to that of famous artists. (Think of the price of a genuine Picasso painting versus that of a so-called “starving artist — BIG difference.) There are also several famous paintings reprinted on canvas that can be purchased in a wide range of prices depending on size. If you desire professional artwork but have a tight budget, consider looking for gently used pieces at consignment shops and/or flea markets.

Photo Work

Photo canvases are becoming one of the most popular home décor trends right now. Several online websites allow customers to upload their own favorite photos and have them reprinted on a stretched canvas of any size. Again, prices can vary depending on the complexity of the canvas and the size of the actual finished print. The most successful way to have a photo printed onto canvas is to use a high quality photo than has room for the edges to wrap around the canvas frame.


Do-it-yourself options are probably the least expensive and most fun for the family of the options on this list. Blank stretched canvases can be purchased at local craft or artist supply shops. Decorate them as you wish: stenciled monograms, retro designs, pop art style, words, symbols, or whatever you so choose! Use spray paints, canvas paints, or add embellishments as just about anything goes. (This is a great option for artwork in a child’s bedroom, especially if they are allowed to help create it!)

TIP: All canvases can be purchased in two varieties: stretched and un-stretched. Stretched canvases are ready for hanging, as they are mounted upon a wooden frame. Un-stretched canvases can be placed in a traditional frame like any other piece of artwork or photography.