How to Make a Homemade Car Air Freshener

Browse the automotive section of your local discount store or auto supply store and you’ll find dozens of air fresheners in various shapes, sizes, and themes. Quality store-bought air fresheners for the car all have one thing in common. Although they come in all price ranges and styles, the scent doesn’t last very long in comparison to the cost, and the scent rarely lasts as long as product packaging claims.

Instead of buying air freshener to keep your car smelling fresh and clean, use homemade air freshener for your car in scents of your choice. Homemade air freshener for the car smells just as good or better than anything you’ll find in a store, and it will last much longer. Best of all, anyone can make them. Craft skills aren’t required!

I’ve saved a considerable amount of money with homemade air freshener . These homemade felt air fresheners are very unique, and I’ve had many compliments. Once you find out how easy it is to create homemade air freshener especially for the car, you’ll never want to buy them again. You might even consider bagging them in airtight bags and selling them for profit.

Paper Varieties Aren’t Worth the Expense

Almost everyone has used the inexpensive car air fresheners made from pressed paper, and they smell great at first, but the scent doesn’t last long enough. Paper products dry out really fast, especially during hot summer months and in the winter when the heat is regularly used. Even these cheap air fresheners for the car are only a dollar, they just aren’t worth the expense.

Supplies Needed for Homemade Car Air Freshener

Instead of buying cheap cardboard or paper air freshener for the car, get creative and come up with homemade felt varieties that work better and last longer than store-bought fresheners. All you need are sheets of craft felt, fabric glue, a sturdy hole punch, scissors, clear thread, and essential oil in a scent of your choice. Optional supplies are craft eyes, beads, sequins, flat buttons, glitter, clear drying glue for adding embellishments, and anything else you want to add.


  • Cut out two specific shapes that are exactly the same using your natural creativity, or use cookie cutters or stencils.
  • Colored pieces of felt can be glued and layered to make flowers, rainbows, geometric shapes, hearts, or whatever you prefer.
  • After cutting out the shapes, punch out equal holes in both pieces of felt for hanging.
  • Apply several drops of essential oil to the center of the both pieces of felt, and glue them together around the edges.
  • Add any extra embellishments you prefer, and allow the glue to dry completely before handling further.
  • Attach clear thread, and this unique homemade air freshener is ready to hang in the car.