Product Review: Bosch Digital Multi-Detector Kit

One convenient fool proof tool that is a must for home do it yourselfers and contractors is the Digital Multi-Detector Kit from Bosch.

  • Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
  • Look amp; Feel: 24/25
  • Features 25/25
  • How much I enjoy 25/25
  • Total: 98/100

In a world of high tech gadgets one that stands out for me is the Bosch Digital Multi-Detector Kit and this beauty wins my Blue Ribbon for Excellence. I have an almost weekly need for a wall stud detector in my home or at the daycare I work at and the Bosch Multi-Detector Kit is perfect.

I help out at our daycare often by doing little jobs like hanging shelves and often need a decent stud finder so that the building can stop having all the patching done to botched hanging jobs. This week’s job is hanging a paper towel holder and a fire extinguisher but from week to week there is no lack of things to work on in the older building that constantly seems to need some kind of attention.

Every handyman or home do it yourselfer has that wall stud finder with the beeping or lights or even that really old standby of a compass like device to find the metal nails in the studs. These old contraptions were somewhat reliable at best and at worst never found anything more than the latest patched spot for a renewed attempt at that elusive stud.

Today’s modern electronics includes handy devices in construction but one that readily comes to mind and hand is the newer version of these stud detectors. The new ones have several functions like finding electricity, plumbing, metals, and studs inside several different wall materials.

The Bosch Digital Multi-Detector Kit finds not only studs and other wall structures inside a variety of wall materials but plumbing, electrical lines, small wiring like LAN cables and telephone lines as well as rebar in concrete. This is a must have tool for any contractor, home repairman, do it yourselfer and anyone who does any kind of hanging shelves or any other objects on walls.

Let’s face it, every home should have one of these for those quick hang up jobs of curtains, shelves, pictures and everything else we hang on our walls at home. This is a must have tool for any toolbox for maintenance and contractors for those jobs of all sizes. This tool is fantastic at finding things in walls not only to miss like plumbing and electrical lines but for finding those studs whether it’s wood or metal materials inside the wall you’re looking for.

Okay, I’ll get off the one who needs this and get to the features and how well this tool works at home and the work environment. The Bosch Multi-Detector Kit is a one tool wonder in its simplicity and how well it works, simply press the on or any other button on the device to turn it on and press it against the wall between studs and other things inside a wall.

If you’re not sure if there is anything behind the wall section you’re trying to find to start your detection process just try it on a section of wall and start to find things. Depending on the wall surface and what you’re looking for it will have several indications you need to be concerned with.

The digital detector runs in two basic modes, either wood detection or metal detection for trying to find objects inside a wall or other surface. The screen has three sections for the indications you will receive as well as the ring around the marking hole and the audible alarm. The illuminating ring has three states for finding things; green for not finding anything, red for found wood, metal or electrical objects and both for calibration.

The meter shows a cone of bars and a lightning bolt for finding electrical devices and a bar graph for finding either wood or metal objects. There is also an indicator for metal that is magnetic and metal that is not that helps for things like plumbing detection in metal studded walls. The zoom bar shows how strong the signal is when pressing the zoom button for finding the exact locations of objects in the wall.

To use the device to find wood simply press the wood button and move the detector along the wall surface while watching the meter. The zoom key is used to help locate objects and find more precise locations for things inside walls or materials like the stud, an individual screw or nail.

Other objects you can find with the Bosch Digital Multi-Detector would be plumbing ducts or rebar inside concrete or even those pesky things you dropped in the concrete while pouring like your watch or ring. The zoom function allows you to precisely locate items like wires inside a wall so you know exactly where they are by the strength of the bar indications while scanning for items.

The strength indicator shows how close the object is to the sensor which is a ring shaped device inside the top half of the detector. This sensor is ring shaped and has the marking hole and light ring in its center so finding individual objects like nails or screws is possible using both the shape of the scanner and the strength of the signal with the zoom feature.

To test out not only the features of metal detection and how well the detector finds objects but how well it finds individual screws and nails I tried a very scientific test of sticking some screws and nails under my desk and behind a wall. The Bosch Multi-detector did a fair job of showing where the screw was behind the wall through about four inches of plaster and lathe. Finding the exact location of a screw under my desk was totally perfect and worked every time for both a drywall screw and several nails of varying sizes.

Using the zoom feature you can precisely find an object like a screw down to about a half inch circle of precision. By this I mean that I used the zoom feature by holding the zoom button while finding the screw and watching the zoom bars and when the bars were at the top I marked this position on the paper I taped on the desk. I did this several times and then look at the circles I marked which could all fit under a quarter and most were as small as a dime.

I was fairly impressed that the detector could find a metal drywall screw I stuck on the underside of a 1/2 inch thick piece of particle or press board I use as my desk that I stuck with sticky tack hanging down under the board. The detector showed the position of the screw under a circle pattern of markings the size of a quarter to show me the exact location within about a half inch. This is pretty accurate and trying to find the location of one screw behind a piece of material the same thickness of drywall is pretty impressive.

I also located studs inside walls of my house that I had found previously and also hung some shelves in my home and a paper towel holder and fire extinguisher at my wife’s daycare with ease. The Bosch Multi-Detector Kit works exactly as featured on their website but they only give a very brief description and set of features there.

The Detector kit comes with the detector itself a carry case and a couple of pencils as well as a manual. The Multi-Detector runs off one 9 volt battery and has nice felt pads on the back that are supposed to stay in contact with the surface you’re detecting at all times.

The Detector may not be so much of a kit as an all in one tool for finding things hidden inside walls, floors and ceilings. The detector finds things like furnace control wires and LAN cables easily and those lower voltage wires like your telephone lines can be detected without any problems. I had no problems finding things inside the walls of my rental duplex that I know from experience their exact locations.

The Bosch Digital Multi-Detector Kit is a fantastic tool for finding stud and other things inside your walls and is a must have tool for anyone who does any kind of work in their home or office or anywhere.